Our Solution

Our solution to help you facing the Complexity of Your Business:

  • A single ERP system to streamline your entire business.
  • Instant and Complete business information
  • Manage multiple companies in different countries
  • Adaptable to your own business and industry needs
  • Tailored to the standards, processes and challenges of distributors into retail and wholesale channels

A Single System to Streamline Your Entire Business

  • Integrate All Critical Business Functions
    Manage your entire business end-to-end across sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, operations, financials functions, all in a single system.
  • Eliminate Barriers & Redundancies
    Information captured is instantly accessible in the entire system, eliminating redundant data entries and errors in different systems.

A Powerful Tool to Help Accelerate your Growth

  • Focus on your Source of Profitability
    Capacity to Generate Customer and Product P&L will help you uncover new opportunities and to focus on the most profitable part of your business.
  • Focus on your Cash
    AR and AP modules allow to quickly zoom on the cash from operations and arrange collection / payment. Additional reports also allow to gain visibility on the cash trapped in the inventory and
    accelerate inventory turnaround.
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management
    Provide incentives to customer that are seamlessly integrated with other business functions across the company and gain clear understanding of their costs and benefits.

Instant and Complete Information for Faster Action

  • Great Reporting Capabilities
    With over 170 built-in reports, users can click through relevant data and get complete information instantly. For more reporting needs, Samooha can integrate with BI tools like Tableau, allowing users
    to generate their own reports.
  • Intuitive Drill-Down, Excel-exportable Reports and Masters
    Powerful Excel reporting capabilities allows users to click through relevant data and get complete information instantly. Users can also easily import/export data to and from the application.