Customer Success Stories

Rosalie Pompon

Samooha integrated Accounts and Retails system helped me tremendously to be in control of my boutique’s accounting, inventory and retail operation. Their IT support is fast and reliable as well! I really like being able to check all my store activities through internet.

Company Information

Rosalie Pompon


Boutique for high-end fashion and accessories products coming exclusively from Europe

Application Replaced:
Efusion Technology – ePOS

Samooha Enterprise Cloud + Retail POS

Samooha Implementation

Success Story

  • Rosalie Pompon was able to scale her retail boutique to handle more product brands and categories.
  • Samooha application provided Rosalie Pompon with the possibility to manage multiple stores from one single interface accessible anywhere through an internet connection. All Store information is real-time and current.
  • Samooha Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows Rosalie Pompon to reward customers based on their purchases.
  • Samooha integrated Accounts, Retail and Inventory system empowers Rosalie Pompon to efficiently manage her own accounting and retail operation.
  • Samooha’s User Access Rights and Document Control feature enables Rosalie Pompon better control over which data and transactions accessible for different type of users within the company.


  • Efusion Technology – ePOS do not have CRM and reward points features
  • Efusion Technology – ePOS do not have Voucher feature


  • Samooha Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows Rosalie Pompon to track customers’ purchases, reward points and points redemptions.
  • Samooha support of Vouchers allows Rosalie Pompon’s customers to buy Gift Vouchers and for the boutique to give Credit Vouchers to customers.
  • Samooha Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration with Retail POS allows Rosalie Pompon to quickly and accurately track their boutique’s inventory and stock level.