Customer Success Stories

One Ninety

I love how Samooha simplify our company’s accounting and billing. Samooha reports also helps us to pinpoint our profit drivers quickly and accurately. I can access to all my Company activities from Internet which is great when I am out of office!

Mr. Laurent Verrier, CEO and Founder

Company Information



Social Media Marketing Agency, Mobile CRM, Community Management

Application Replaced:

Samooha Financial Cloud

Samooha Implementation

Success Story

  • Samooha remote access allows One9ninety to work from anyplace anytime, and retrieve up-to-date information.
  • One9ninety able to quickly search and view customers’ data from previous years for reports comparison.
  • My accountant can work from home when needed and does not need to stay at the office
  • Samooha also allows me to give access to selected data to my Account Managers.


  • Quickbooks reports do not provide One9ninety with enough details and up-to-the minute business information across the organization.


  • Samooha system was designed to instantly search as you type, and efficiently pull and display data with pagination to reduce download / processing time.
  • Samooha report drill-down feature let user to swiftly go from Balance Sheet and P&L reports to the individual invoices.