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Samooha mobile Sales solution integration with the Accounts and the Warehouse Management System empowers our sales team to quickly check and reserve stock, and promptly close sales on-site.

Mr. Sam Wong, General Manager

Company Information

Elgon, Pidielle Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


Distribution of Hairdressing And Other Beauty Treatment Products

Application Replaced:
New Company

Samooha Enterprise Cloud

Samooha Implementation

Success Story

  • Samooha Mobile Sales Force Automation module allows Elgon Sales Representatives quick and accurate sales orders processing, as well to check the order status on the go. Elgon has been able to process more sales orders and faster since they started to use Samooha. Credit Checks are built in and credit history can be viewed.
  • Samooha inventory, batch and order management simplifies and speeds up orders fulfillment by Elgon warehouse operation.
  • Samooha’s User Access Rights and Document Control feature enables Elgon better control over which data and transactions accessible for different type of users within the company.


  • Elgon being a Joint Venture with an International FMCG group, it was important to have a solution that could generate consolidation financial reports for the holding company to be able to consolidate this entity. Samooha has built in Group Reporting Capabilities.
  • The holding company wanted to be able to have full remote access to Elgon’s data.
  • Selling to Salon requires to maintain large number of customers that are weekly visited by the Sales Team. Offline Sales Force Automation systems do not synchronize inventory data resulting in many unnecessary administrative task for the back office team (calling customer to inform them of the items that could not be fulfilled, propose product replacement, etc…).


  • Samooha’s Mobile Sales Order feature enabled Elgon to closed sales orders more efficiently and integrated with the account.
  • Samooha’s WMS, Mobile Warehouse Scanner, and Batch Management process supported Elgon to more accurately track and manage their warehouse inventory batch and stock level.
  • Samooha’s capabilities in tracking Sales & Purchase Fulfillment helped Elgon to more accurately forecast and plan for their Demand and Supply.