Become a Partner

partnership-768x610Samooha management system has been designed to offer the best customer experience. We have built our application for the past 10 years to provide a unique solution greatly tailored to the needs of the industry verticals we support. We come from the world of Distributors and can offer a solution that uniquely reply to the particular needs of this industry.

We believe that the key to successfully grow to the next stage will be in finding partners that share this close proximity with their clients. With Samooha Partner Program, we ensure that our official partners have the resources and knowledge required to offer Samooha implementation services

As an official Samooha Partner, you will have access to dedicated resources and material. For our customers, working with an official partner will ensure that your partner is:

Become A Partner

An official Samooha Partner commits to:

  • Promote Samooha applications
  • Have dedicated resources to provide first level support and implementation
  • Attend the weekly online training session
  • Be available for quarterly reviews with Samooha team

As an official Partner of Samooha, you will have access to:

  • Dedicated Samooha resources
  • Training Session
  • Marketing Material
  • Implementation and Support Documentation
  • Sales Trainin Session

Partner Levels:

We rank partners according to their experience in implementing Samooha.

Our Samooha Ready Partners are partners that have been trained in using Samooha and are in the process of deploying the business suite to their customers.

Our Silver Partners are partners that have already managed deployment of Samooha business suite.

Our Gold Partners are the most trained partners in Samooha business suite and they would have typically manage more than 5 installations.


Partner Program Fee

The partnership annual fee is S$ 6,000 for all the benefit listed above. We also have specific Partner Start-up Program fees for new signing Partners