3 Best Signs It’s Time to Adopt a New ERP Partner


Even though ERP software is pretty effective in moving that pesky needle forward for small to mid-size businesses, it’s critical for business owners to find the right ERP partner for the most effective results. Take a look at these 3 best signs it’s time to ‘be out with the old, and in with the new’ when cutting your ties and moving to another company.

Support is Seriously Lacking Availability

No one likes picking up the phone to get assistance from support only to find that you’re either on hold for some un-Godly amount of time or, worse yet, never get a hold of support in the first place. Coordinating a remote-in meeting or trying to get immediate assistance when something goes wrong is a growing rarity nowadays.
Whether you’re in a different time zone or the support team has serious limitation on hours of operation, this is a huge red flag. When you’re paying for your help, you should receive their help in a timely fashion. Otherwise, you just aren’t getting the full value you’ve invested in your product.

When You Lose that 1 on 1 Experience

The first time you signed up with your ERP vendor, they were always available to help you with on-site assistance, and you always received the best customer experience. However, down the road the company made a few decisions that caused their business to grow overnight.
At a scale they could hardly keep up with, you as the customer don’t feel nearly as important as you once did which resulted in your customer service experience going down the drain. Now, unable to secure a time slot, it’s time to choose a new ERP Partner.

They Have No Industry Knowledge

If your ERP Partner is lacking the know-how of the industry, it’s time to find a new prospect. Research other companies that can answer your industry-specific questions immediately so that you feel confident in the direction your business is heading.

What Now?

If you find yourself having doubts regarding your current ERP Partner, it may be time to reconsider who your direct affiliates are.  Try researching other companies that not only better meet your need, but who can provide an astounding consultation and provide you with the services you and your company deserve!

Have questions? Samooha Consultant teams are always happy to help!  Contact us to learn how we can further assist you and your business today!


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Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016