Customer Success Stories

Vast Diversified

We had complex business needs as we are a distributor that also provides 3PL services to third party. We needed customization to support this and Samooha has delivered us a first rate Warehouse Management Solution that is completely integrated.

Company Information

Vast Diversified Sdn. Bhd.


Distribution of Korean and Japanese Grooming and Beauty Products. 3PL Services.

Application Replaced:

Samooha Enterprise Cloud

Samooha Implementation

Success Story

  • Vast Diversified has gained scalability to handle more product brands and category.
  • Samooha Mobile Sales Order allows Vast Diversified Sales Representatives to quickly and accurately process sales orders, as well to check the order status on the go. Vast Diversified has been able to process more sales orders and faster since they started to use Samooha.
  • Samooha inventory and order management simplifies and speeds up orders fulfillment by Vast Diversified and their third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse operation.
  • Samooha’s capability to support multi-companies allows Vast Diversified to connect to multiple companies using the same application.
  • Samooha’s User Access Rights and Document Control feature enables Vast Diversified better control over which data and transactions accessible for different type of users within the company.


  • MasterItec’s reports do not provide Vast Diversified with enough details and up-to-the minute business information across the organization.
  • MasterItec does not have WMS and Demand & Supply Planning capabilities which is critical for Vast Diversified warehouse operation and business expansion into 3PL services.
  • MasterItec’s User Access Rights and Document Control feature was not exhaustive enough for Vast Diversified’s requirements.
  • MasterItec system became slow once the data volume increased.


  • Samooha’s Mobile Sales Order feature enabled Vast Diversified to closed sales orders more efficiently and integrated with the account.
  • Samooha’s WMS and Mobile Warehouse Scanner allowed Vast Diversified to expand its business into 3PL services successfully.
  • Samooha’s Batch Management process supported Vast Diversified to more accurately track and manage their inventory batch.
  • Samooha’s capabilities in tracking Sales & Purchase Fulfillment helped Vast Diversified to more accurately forecast and plan for their Demand and Supply.