5 Samooha Adoption Missteps to Avoid in 2016

If 2016 will be the year when you finally upgrade some of those old systems, adopt new technology and invest in automated processes, you are probably chomping at the bit to get started. While integrating new technology – like a upgrade version Samooha solution – is nerve-wracking, it’s also extremely exciting, especially for those who will find they are able to perform their jobs better and more efficiently with it.

Unfortunately, being excited about your New Year’s gift of new technology can make you hasty and cloud your judgment. In order to avoid poor implementation and buyer’s remorse, we’ve compiled a short list of technology adoption missteps to avoid in 2016:

1. Take your time. Don’t rush into choosing an solution just because the price/implementation time/shiny features of the solution are appealing. When you hurry through the RFP process and quickly pick a vendor because of their quick implementation time or fun extra features, you may overlook a provider that can give you best practices and economies. In being hasty, you could also fail to choose a solution that would best suit the company’s unique needs.

2. Evaluate the old. After you choose a new solution, you may be tempted to forget all of your old processes and embrace brand new ones. We recommend that you don’t blindly adopt all new business processes and tools without first taking the time to evaluate your old processes. It’s important to be able to mine the lessons to be learned from the old solution and consider what worked well. This makes the transition to the new system smoother, and allows you to troubleshoot issues within the processes themselves.

3. Gather a selective team. It’s important that you don’t leave key people out of the implementation process, especially those who will be using the new technology. We recommend that you make a list of the groups that will be utilizing the new system and make sure a key stakeholder from each is involved in the implementation process. Also, put the correct person into the correct position in order to reduce the chances of the mistakes.

4. Test, test and test some more. You may be tempted to deploy your Samooha solution as soon as the implementation is finished. And we don’t blame you, it’s exciting to start using a new system! Unfortunately, jumping into a premature deployment can be detrimental. Instead of being quick on the draw, we recommend that you do all the testing you possibly can on your system to assure that all processes are working properly. Make sure that you are doing the testing on a “dummy” system where results can be documented and evaluated. That way, glitches can be resolved and tested again. You will also want a diverse team testing the system. This team can include IT, finance administrators and other essential personnel to make sure the solution is being tested in various situations.

5. Sweat the small stuff. You may find that your new solution has a few tiny glitches and errors in the first weeks and months following implementation. You know that mantra, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”? Ignore it! These small mishaps can add up and become large, disabling complications. Use the troubleshooting and reporting process that you have established to handle errors before they become a bigger issue.

Whether you’re implementing new software or upgrading previously purchased solutions, we hope that you will take these tips into account for a prosperous, efficient and successful New Year!

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Posted on Tuesday, December 8, 2015